do away with dreams

i havent had a dream i remember in months, until last night. i remember my last dream, and i remember the dream before that. they were both about her, they always are. even though im in my own bed in my own room i feel like a stranger. waking up in a strange place that i have never been before. this mind cant be mine. this cant be my skin can it? my thoughts? strange alienated cold

friday night
rain always makes me feel more cuddly than i already do 

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i used to believe that the reason behind an action is what dictated that actions moral value. This is false too, because when it comes down to it all that matters is results. people do not care about reason, or method, just results. Your cause is corrupted by the very people who fight for it. just remember no matter how right you are, no matter how many lives you save, or how many people you change. no matter how many individuals collectivize for a greater cause all of your carefully picked arguments can easily be ignored. this country entitles your reason, your cause, your ideas to sit ontop of my tv like dust. anyone can ignore them for the rest of their lives, and they will. fuck change watch tv!

you make me happy when skies are grey, youll never know dear how much i love you. please dont take my sunshine away

the only problem with going to sleep os that i will wake up. im not putting any more quarters in this game i want to play something different

why am i so hungry when nothing looks good why am i so lonely when i just want to be alone whats the difference between the black and the black im wound up like a spring coil with nothing to push against im spun like a teacup and still nothing makes sense im a fire and theres nothing left to burn. so i guess ill check out quietly, good evening.

(Source: daysofparanoia)

new ash catcher

when were censored ima plead the first,
and then probably the fifth
im on my robespierre shit
the second reign of terror usa 2012

the costume party, days of paranoia,, bombay gin and medical medicine, omerta, your local congressman!

mtv get off the air

kitties beneath a pirate flag

can’t see me spa side in a suite at the palms casino & hoteldrunk in vegas